What would your team do with a 6-12% increase in their take-home pay?

Salary packaging gives your staff 6-12% more take-home pay. This increase means they’ll have the financial freedom to pay off their mortgage earlier, upgrade their car, or even go on a family holiday. Plus, they’ll have extra money for life’s emergencies.

How much extra take home pay will your team get?

Employees of eligible not for profits can salary package a maximum of $15,899 tax-free each FBT year (1 April-31 March). Their exact additional take home pay will depend on their annual salary; we take the time to walk them through the benefits they’ll receive, accounting for their unique circumstances.

Our salary packaging calculator (below) will provide you with an estimate of financial benefits for your team based on salaries.

(before tax)

Your Results:

Net Income without
salary packaging:
Net Income with
salary packaging included:
Potential benefit:$0
per year

Your annual HECS/HELP repayment

If you choose to start salary packaging with CBB, you need to ask your payroll team to deduct your HECS/HELP debt repayment of


Please note that we have based this estimate on the information you provided, we can talk to you about this more at your sign-up appointment.

1) All figures entered are yearly.
2) This calculator has been designed for use by Public Benevolent Institutions (PBIs) and Health Promotion Charities (HPCs) only.
3) Calculations exclude any tax offsets

What can your team spend this money on?

Salary packaged funds can be used to take care of regular payments such as:

  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Bills and utilities
  • School fees

In fact, any routine payment that can be paid electronically (and for which acceptable proof of debt can be provided) can usually be set up through CBB. Our excellent customer service means that we take the hassle out of life admin and help your staff manage their finances more proactively.

Funds can also be transferred onto a CBB Salary Packaging Card, which lets your staff use tax-free dollars to pay for groceries, petrol and other household goods.

Sign up to offer salary packaging with CBB

Give your staff access to $15,899 extra every year, help them manage life’s expenses, and enhance their financial wellbeing.

How does it work?

Your staff opt into salary packaging by booking a sign up appointment with a member of the CBB team. We take the time to ensure each of your employees are fully aware of their entitlements under salary packaging, and provide a tailored pay analysis that includes student debt and child support. Here, we help your team choose the regular payments they want us to pay with their salary packaged funds.

Each pay cycle we let your payroll team know which of your staff have signed up, and what amount they have chosen to have deducted from their pay for salary packaging.

Your payroll team sends your staff members’ tax-free income to CBB, and then pays the remaining salary to your team as normal income.

We process your employees’ chosen regular payments on their behalf. These payments can be changed at any time – always for free!

Remote Area Benefit

In addition to the $15,899 tax-free from salary packaging, some (or all) of your team may be able to access the Remote Area Benefit (RAB) scheme.

RAB is a tax concession from the Australian Federal Government that allows eligible employees to claim up to 50% of certain expenses associated with living and working in a remote location. This can include some travel costs, too!

To be eligible for RAB, an employee must:

  • live in a home and work for an organisation that are both defined by the ATO as being in a remote area; and
  • be renting or paying interest on a mortgage on the property in which they live in the remote area.

Additional products and benefits

If you needed even more reasons to partner with CBB, here are more ways that we support your organisation and team.

We have partnered with a team of advisors to help elevate the impact of your organisation. Their collective not for profit prowess and sector expertise will empower your organisation to deliver on its mission and create a stronger social impact, changing the lives of the people and communities you support.

Discover how they can elevate your impact

We’ve partnered with the Centre for People and Culture to provide our clients with an exclusive discount on the intuitive real-time survey platform: CONNECT+CHECK®. This innovative toolkit generates valuable insights into the employee experience throughout both individual working journeys and organisational change.

Discover more

Give your team even more tax-free income and support better work-life balance with the CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card, which provides an additional $2,650 every year (on top of their $15,899 tax-free through salary packaging). This card can be used to purchase food, beverages, and accommodation when dining out, on holiday, or even for special occasions.

Help your team save thousands in acquisition and running costs for the new, demo, or used car of their choice – and yes, they can choose the make, model, and even the colour they have always wanted. It’s a great way to make a reliable, safer new car a reality for your staff. Better yet, this benefit is on top of their standard salary packaging amount.

Your team can package portable electronic devices if they are used primarily for work-related purposes. Having the latest technology helps your people be more productive and boosts their connectivity with colleagues, no matter where they are working.

Discounted airline lounge memberships ensure your team are refreshed whether they are travelling to business meetings or returning fully recharged from a holiday. Frequent flyers especially will love having the chance to save on travel!

All CBB salary packaging customers receive a free membership to the CBB Rewards Club. Here, your staff can access exclusive discounts on groceries, fuel, online shopping, movie vouchers and much more. With thousands of offers from retailers and service providers from all over Australia, it’s an easy and accessible way to supplement the savings from salary packaging.

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